Green Compostable Carrier Bags
Green Compostable Carrier Bags
Product Code: BAGCOMPGCS
This product is restricted to a maximum of 2 to a basket
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Packed: 20 bags per Printed PE Dispenser Pack. (50 packs: 1000 bags)

Dimensions: 260 x 420 x 500mm

Spec: Green Compostable Carriers Dispenser Packs. 20MU

Good for Shoppers - When you buy a Green Carrier at the till you get:

  • A strong eco-friendly shopping bag.
  • A larger than average food waste caddy-liner that meets your council’s quality standards.
  • A no-mess liner with long tie-handles that is easy to secure and to remove from the caddy.
  • Two products for less than the cost of one caddy-liner on a roll.

Good for Retailers:

  • Offering your customers Green Carriers is a cost-neutral solution. You can buy them for 6p and charge 6p.
  • You’ll be offering an eco-friendly biodegradable carrier bag instead of a plastic one.
  • You’ll be helping to remove millions of single-use plastic bags from circulation.
  • Product support material available.
  • Barcoded bags.

Good for The Planet:

  • Material composition includes renewable, plant-based materials.
  • Dual-use results in a low carbon footprint.
  • Predictable and eco-friendly method of disposal.
  • The bag has a dedicated second use as a caddy-liner, so it is unlikely to wind up as litter.
  • Biodegradable in the wider environment.

Due to their distinctive colour and markings, the bags are unlikely to be accidentally added to plastic recycling streams.
Green Carriers help to maintain the quality of residential food waste collections by reducing the risk of plastic contamination.
Compared to cheap caddy-liners, the no-mess features of The Green Carrier can increase participation and retention rates.
When promoted as a council-approved solution, councils can save the cost of giving away free caddy-liners (which often costs hundreds of thousands of pounds every year).

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